3 Effective Drain Cleaning Techniques From a Professional Plumber

Mitigate the Clogs of Your Drain Pipes

Food product buildup, chemical concentrations, and grease accumulation are the most common causes of drain clogs in private homes. At their worst, these clogged drains require professional cleaning, or even repairs, which may not be possible given certain budgets or plumbing systems. In the best-case scenario, however, you may be able to eliminate these clogs with several at-home methods and tools, before the need to contact a professional plumber ever arises. Below are 3 effective drain cleaning techniques to mitigate the effects of clogs and return their drain pipes to top performance.

Cleaning the Pipe

First, place an empty bucket underneath the U-shaped pipe (the trap) beneath the sink. The bucket will collect the water that will spill. Using a plumber’s wrench, loosen the slip nuts at both ends of the pipe. You should be able to finish the operation by hand. When the trap is free, remove it and turn it upside down, emptying the contents into the bucket. You may also need to fish around inside it for debris and do the same with the pipes that were holding it.

Dish Detergent

If your toilet is clogged, pour 1/4 cup of dish detergent into the bowl. Then boil some water. The dish soap will act as a lubricant and help break up any greasy residue. Then pour the hot water down, and get ready to start plunging. If the plunger doesn’t cut it, rubber gloves may be the next option.

Baking Soda, Vinegar, Gravity, and Pressure

If your bath drain is clogged, mix up some of the baking soda/vinegar mentioned in tip two. Pour it down the drain, and then place the stopper over it. After 45-60 minutes, fill the bathtub with water. Then, remove the stopper. The pressure of 40-60 gallons of water should be enough to dislodge the blockage that has been loosened by the baking soda and vinegar. You could also try some plunging or the drain snake in conjunction with the weight of the water.

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